Wendy Bowie – Wanaka Photography & Queenstown Photography
Wendy Bowie – Wanaka Photography & Queenstown Photography

My Story

wendyThe best way that I can really tell you about me and my passion in photography is to tell you my story:

Photographs to me are not just images – they are so much more than that. To me they are stories and art pieces.

When I was a little girl I loved to pull out my Mum’s photo albums from when she was young and surround myself with them. I would look through the images, as I did so I would ask Mum the stories behind them. I’m sure Mum got tired of repeating herself, but I never got tired of listening. These stories were about her when she was a little girl growing up in England before moving to New Zealand, going to school in NZ and having her plaits dipped in the ink well, stories about my great grandmother who left Ireland to set up a life and end up running a boarding house as a single parent in London, beautiful images of my mum as a bridesmaid and then a bride. Then there were stores about myself, my siblings and my immediate family as we were growing up. Looking through the albums I learnt the stories, got to know my ancestors, learnt some history, which I now tell to my children.

Photos were always around right from when I was small, either on the wall or in an album

I am happy to say that I invested in a fantastic wedding album, Queensberry, using a professional photographer and have professionally produced images on my wall – as I wanted to store and present those wonderful memories in the best way possible. I never gave this a second thought.

I have a baby album of each of my children and beautiful images on the wall, that I look at often; but not only me, my husband, my children, family, and my friends can all share the memories and stories. When I look at those images, the ones of our wedding day and my children, I smile and take a couple of minutes to remember and it fills me with love and happiness. It is important to me that these are added to as time goes on.

I have since been on the other side of the camera for a Boudoir shoot and now have an amazing (I still have to pinch myself) image of myself on the wall and a beautiful album as a gift to my husband – now that’s going to be something to share with my grand children!

As a photographer I was given my first camera when I was seven years old. I always loved taking photos. Back then it was a film camera, but unfortunately our family could not afford to get them developed. So I kept them in a drawer under my bed. As soon as I had a part time job, I had those films developed. They were a bit yellow from being old, but recorded my little brother as a baby until he was walking. I was always the person taking the photos and getting duplicates developed to share with others. Right back then I loved taking images of people. Later when I was travelling my photography expanded to landscapes and architecture – again, I was taking the images and then getting duplicates for those that I travelled with.

I am extremely fortunate to be able to train and work as a professional photographer with the best photography training company in the UK and some of the best UK photographers. I now bring this back to New Zealand to share with you.

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